Srilanka Ramayana 06 Nights / 07 Days

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Day 01

Arrival in Sri Lanka & Clients will be met by our representative on arrival and transferred to Near Hotel for Fresh up (Wash & Change) After the  Breakfast Transfer for to Chilaw to Visit Munneswaram Temple (Approximately 90 minutes Drive)

Muneswaram Temple, Chilaw.

* After his victorious battle, Lord Rama left for Ayodhya, in one of King Ravana”s vimana (carriages).He felt he was being followed by bramhaasthi dosham as he had killed King Ravana who was a Brahmin. Legend has it that when he came to this place he felt bramhaasthi dosham was not following him and he stopped the vimana and asked God Shiva for remedy. Lord Shiva blessed Lord Rama and advised him to install four lingams there and pray to get rid of the dosham. Since then many Hindu devotees flock to the Temple.

Thereafter proceed to Mannavari Temple. (Approximately 20 Minutes Drive)

Manaweri Temple.

* Manavari is the first lingam installed and prayed to by Lord Rama and this lingam is also called Ramalinga Shivan.

Lunch at outside restaurant

Transfer to Sigiriya Check in at the hotel.


Day 02

After breakfast proceed to Trincomalee 


165 Miles from Colombo is one of the largest and safest Natural Harbours in the World. Trincomalee is connected by Rail and Road. It has sunny weather throughout the year, with white sandy beaches, calm, placid and warm waters, ideal for underwater activities and for Whale watching.Nilaveli-10 miles away are the finest beach in Trincomalee starting at Uppuveli- 5 miles away extending all the way to Nilaveli. Pigeon Island is a great place for Diving, Snorkeling and sea bathing.There are 7 Hot Spring at Kanniyai just 5 miles away on the Anuradhapura road.Thiriyai Vata-da-ge is 30 miles to the North of Trincomalee and is one of the best monuments in Sri Lanka. Koneshwara Temple According to an inscription found on the doorway to the Fortress this Temple. Destroyed by the Portuguese in the 16 Century A.D. they threw all the columns down to the sea below. Three bronze statues were brought up by divers found among the columns in the sea and are now kept in the modern temple at the same

Visit Koneswaram Temple (Shaktipeetam)

Trincomalee - Koneswaram Temple

Trincomalee- According to an inscription found on the doorway to the Fortress this Temple. Destroyed by the Portuguese in the 16 CenturyA.D. they threw all the columns down to the sea below.Three bronze statues were brought up by divers found among the columns in the sea and are now kept in the modern temple at the same site, within the Dutch Fort in Trincomalee.

Lunch at outside restaurant,

Return back to Kandy 

Kandy – The hill capital is another “World Heritage Sites”. It was the last stronghold of the Sinhalese Kings during the Portuguese, Dutch and British rule and finally lost to the British in 1815 after an agreement. To the Buddhist of Sri Lanka and the World, Kandy is one of the most sacred sites as it is the home of the “Dalada Maligawa” - Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. The Bathing Pavilion (Ulpenge) is by the Lake and in the Center of the lake is the Island called “Kiri samudraya” (Milk white ocean) used by the kings as the summer house. Today it is the center of Buddhism, Arts, Crafts, Dancing, Music and Culture. Visitors can see these Dance & Music at the daily Cultural Performances held at several places in the city.


Day 03

After breakfast Transfer to Mahiyanganay.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast at your hotel. Today you will visit the following places Mahiyanganaya.

Dunuwala& Laggala - Dunuwala (the site where Ravana died) and Laggala (where Ravana prayed to Lord Shankara). The cartels behind the Dunuvila Lake are called Laggala. Laggala is derived from the Sinhala term Ilakka Gala, which when translated into English gives us the meaning “Target Rock”. Laggala served as a sentry point to the King Ravana’s army and it was from this rock the first Glimpse of Lord Rama’s army was sighted. This hill is geographically the highest part of the northern region and on a clear day Thiru Koneshwaran and Talai Mannar can been seen. King Ravana is believed to have meditated on this rock and prayed at Thiru Koneshwaran to Lord Shiva. It is here that King Ravana was killed by Lord Rama’s Brahmaastharam. The top of Laggala is flat and believed to have been hit by the Brahmaastharam.

 Yahangala Here King Ravana’s body was displayed after his death to allow his countrymen to offer their last respect. 

Wera Gantota Weragantota was the capital city of King Ravana and means “a place of flying chariot (aircraft) is landing” in Sinhala language. It is believed to be the first place where Sita was brought into Sri Lanka in King Ravana’sVimana. These jungles are the place where the city of Lankapura once stood. The city had a beautiful palace for Queen Mandothari surrounded by waterfalls, streams and varieties of flora and fauna. 

Sita Kotuwa Sita was kept at Queen Mandodari‘s Palace and later move first to Sita Kotuwa (translated “Sita’s Fort”) and finally to AshokaVatika. The ruins found here are the remnants of later civilizations.

Gurulupotha Lankapura Here was a flying chariot (aircraft) repair center known as Gurulupotha. In Valmiki’s depiction King Ravana’s Vimana resembled a huge peacock. The Vimana in Sinhala language means Dhandu Monara which is known as “flying peacock”; hence the name Gurulupotha, which means “parts of birds” .

Return back to Kandy

Late Lunch at outside restaurant

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic  - Ever since 4th Century A.D, when the Buddha’s Tooth was brought to Sri Lanka hidden from sacrilegious hands in an Orissan princess’ hair, the Relic has grown in repute and holiness in Sri Lanka and throughout the Buddhist world. It is considered Sri Lanka’s most prized possession.


Day 04

After breakfast proceed to Nuwara Eliya,En route visit the Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple, Ramboda

Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple, Ramboda – (Approximately 1 ½ Hrs Drive)

On these hills of Ramboda where Hanuman was searching for Sitadevi, the Chinmaya mission of Sri Lanka built a temple with Hanuman as the presiding deity. On every full moon day special pooja”s are conducted and witnessed by thousands of devotees.

Lunch at outside restaurant

Commencing sightseeing in Nuwara Eliya.

Nuwara Eliya - The ‘Little England’ of Sri Lanka, is set against beautiful backdrops of Mountains, Valleys, Waterfalls and Tea Plantations. It is supposed to be one of the coolest places in the Island, but it is really just like an English spring day, although the temperature does drop at night. All around Nuwara Eliya you will see evidence of the British influence, houses like country cottages or Queen Ann style mansions.

The Victoria Park, in the middle of the town, is a lovely place for a stroll or a picnic and is also good for Birding as you get some rare birds in this Park.

Seasons may be absent elsewhere in Sri Lanka, but here you can read them by the flowers, which bloom in the spring (march to May) and the fall (August and September). These are the “seasons” when low-country folk flock to Nuwara Eliya to escape the sea level heat and humidity.

Evening visit the Gayathri Pe(e)dam in Nuwara Eliya.

Gayathri Pedam

It is believed to be the place from where King Ravana”s son Meghanath propitiated Lord Shiva with penance and poojas and in turn was granted super natural powers by lord Shiva.

Return to hotel.


Day 05

After breakfast proceed to Ella, En route visit Seetha Amman Temple, Seetha Eliya.

Seetha Amman Temple, Seetha Eliya. – (Approximately 20 Minutes Drive)

The stream that runs from the hill, catered to the needs of Sitadevi during her stay at Ashoka Vatika. She is said to have bathed in this stream. Now there is a temple erected for Lord Rama, Sitadevi, Luxshmana and Hanuman by the side of this stream. It is interesting to note that foot prints akin to Lord Hamunams are found by this river -some  small  and some  large

Hakgala Botanical Gardens

The Hakgala Botanical Gardens was one of the pleasure gardens of King Ravana. This garden was expanded during the British period and has a wide variety of flowers including an excellent collection of orchids. This is the exotic pleasure garden where King Ravana kept the depressed Sita, insisting that she marries him. It was here where the heartwarming meeting took place between her and Hanuman, who brought her Rama’s ring with the news that Rama was looking for her. He offered to carry her back but she refused saying it would be an insult to Rama’s honor if she did so. Part of this majestic garden still exists. It is also said that Hanuman nearly destroyed it in order to prove to Ravana of the forces against him.

Thereafter proceed to Divurumpola situated in Nuwara Eliya Welimada road.

Divurmpola (Approximately 1 Hrs Drive)

Divurmpola means a place where one takes an oath.  Sitadevi, after being liberated from King Ravana was subjected to a test to prove here chastity by offering herself to the fire. However she came unscathed and proved her holiness during this ritual at this place.

Lunch at outside restaurant


Ella is a small mountain village near Bandarawela and boasts three locations linked to the Ramayana where local legend claims Ravana was hiding Sita. First there is the Ravana Ella Cave, located at the massive Ella Falls; a breathtaking 1080 feet high waterfall that cascades into several falls. The rocky undergoes of the waterfall is Khondalite, a kind of limestone which undergoes faster decay as hard gneiss or granite. This has resulted in many caves being formed near the falls. King Ravana is said to have lived in one of the caves above the waterfall. A nearby pool bored out of the rock by the gushing waters is where Sita is said to have bathed Ravana.

Return Back to Nuwara Eliya


Day 06

After breakfast at Bandarawela Hotel proceed to Colombo via Ratnapura and Sitawaka, Aviswsawella.( Approx 197 km & 6 hrs drive)


Visit a gem mine at Ratnapura.

Ratnapura is the fabled city of gems.  Its name remains unchanged over the years and means “city of gems”.  In Ratnapura prospecting and mining goes on every day.  Visit a gem mine and a museum and strike a bargain at one of the shops.

Sitawaka, situated near Avissawella on a tributary of the Kelani Ganga (river).  Not surprisingly it derives its name from Sita, who is supposed to have been imprisoned by Ravana in a grove in this neighborhood.

Lunch at outside restaurant,

Shopping in Colombo

Dinner at outside restaurant.

Check in at the hotel.


Day 07.

After breakfast proceed to Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple.

Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple.

* A temple dedicated to Anjaneyar in Sri Lanka.

* This is the only temple in the world to have a chariot of Anjaneyar.

Lunch at outside restaurant

Thereafter commence a tour of Colombo, which includes time to do the shopping.

* Colombo - a drive through the city taking you to the busy commercial areas as well as the tree-lined residential, Cinnamon Gardens. Visit Fort, the former British administrative center and military garrison, Sea Street - the Goldsmith's quarters in the heart of Pettah, the Bazaar area, where there is a Hindu Temple with elaborate stone carvings, and the Dutch Church of Wolfendhal dating back to 1749. The historic Dawatagaha Mosque and the former Eye Hospital are two buildings in Cinnamon Gardens worth looking at. Also visit the BMICH, see the replica of Avukana Buddha and the Independence Square.

Thereafter transfer to the airport for the departure flight. (Approximately 1 Hrs Drive)



Hotels use          3* Hotels           Nights

Sigiriya Pelwehera Village Resort & Spa 01 Night

Kandy   Senani Hotel      02 Nights

Nuwara Eliya     Oak ray Summer Hill Breeze       02 Nights

Colombo            Grand Oriental  Hotel     01 Night

- Accommodation at the above mentioned Hotels or similar.

- Wash & Change rooms with Breakfast Arrival Day

- 07 Breakfast & 05 Dinners at the Hotel, 01 Colombo Dinner & 07 Lunch outside restaurant,

- Kandy Temple/Haggala Botanical Garden /Ella Ravana Caves / Hannuman Temple Tuk Tuk Charges / Divurumpola Temple.

- Transport in an A/C Car / Micro van / Mini Coach / Coach with the service of an English-speaking chauffeur / National Guide.

- Sightseeing as mentioned above.

- Value added tax.

- Meeting and Assistance at the airport.

Any Airfare Visa and Overseas Travel Insurance charges 

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